Original, Handwritten Lyric Sheets (not copies) by Daniel Ash. Fresh ink/Made to Order! All are autographed by DA and can be personalized if you like...adding your name or a friends for Daniel to address on the lyric sheets. Only songs Daniel wrote / please choose from the many listed below. Daniel often adds doodles of Bubblemen to your lyric sheets.Please allow up to 5 days for shipping confirmation. Delivery within the US usually 5-10 business days from date of purchase. Thank you~BAUHAUS; Slice Of Life, King Volcano, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Silent Hedges, Hope, Kingdoms Coming, International Bullet Proof Talent.....LOVE AND ROCKETS; A Private Future, The Game, Inside the Outside, All In My Mind, Love Me, An American Dream, Mirror People, The Light, Lazy, No Big Deal, Motorcycle, I Feel Speed, So Alive, No Words No More, Sweet FA, Fever, Pearl, Natasha, Judgement Day, Holy Fool, To Much Choice, Deep Deep Down, The Glittering Darkness, Delicious Ocean....TONES ON TAIL; There’s Only One, Burning Skies, Happiness, GO, Lions, Slender Fungus, Performance, War, Real Life, Christian Says, OK This Is The Pops, Rain, Twist, The Never Never Is Forever, Means Of Escape....SOLO; Alien Love, Here She Comes, Foolish Thing Desire, Bluebird, Dream Machine, Get Out Of Control, The Void, Roll On, The Hedonist, Higher Than This, Trouble, Walk On The Moon, Freedom I Love, Goddess Gorgeous, Indie Boys, Shes A Sad Song, Candy Eye, Someday, Come On, Flame On.....

Handwritten Lyric Sheets by, Daniel Ash (personalized options)

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